DMesh – Selfie

I haven’t forgotten about you!

All the Equipment used in my Thesis Project

Trip to Fort Smith, NT Reflections

From my little plane that shook and shuddered, I could see thousands of little lakes that speckled the landscape of the Northwest Territories. Fort Smith receives and sends off one plane a week.… Continue reading

Documentation Video

Video for Drum Treatment including the Anishnawbe story for the Durm.


A young Anishnawbe girl sits alone in the forest. She has sat for 30 days in the darkness, waiting for a sign from the Creator. She prays for a solution to help her… Continue reading

Electrocardiograph Research

Here are some examples of electrocardiographs that have inspired my project development. Mine is also included in the gallery

The Future of Drum Treatment

I can’t speak for other artists, but I regularly reflect of the role of Fine Art in my life. As an audience and an artist. Creativity is part of my life. It nourishes… Continue reading

META and Momentum

META Facebook Page META Website The 4th Year New Media Show, META was held March 28th to 30th at Arta Gallery in the Distillery District. The show provided students to showcase projects that… Continue reading


In art, the environment controls the experience. However, none of my favorite pieces fit in the artifical gallery setting. With a background in Biology, my art pieces fit into a natural landscape. Land… Continue reading


Lighting is a key component of the project. It guides the audience’s eye to the piece. I looked into lighting the piece with a spotlight. Without it the piece would use ambient light… Continue reading