Interactive & Dynamic 3D Printed Hand Final Report

Background: I used a 3D printed interactive and dynamic hand designed by Hendo Jordaan, Mechanical Engineer in South African, to see how effective it was for teaching Family Medicine Residents at the University of… Continue reading


Last year I visited a good friend of mine in Calgary. She had to work during the week. So everyday when she worked, I drove to Banff to bask in the mountains. In… Continue reading

Pulley and Tendon Project

Work in process – Title to be revised!  Introduction When I was young, I admired my father’s hands. Every muscle was defined, as if Leonardo Da Vinci had sketched them to be. They were… Continue reading

Resin Beach Canvas

Multimedia art piece including Resin dirty pour and sand

Resin Art

Pouring medium is a beautiful thing. I have been asked to make a centre piece for my friend’s living room. As this is my first attempt with pouring medium, it is no surprise… Continue reading

Anatomic Hand Learning Aid

Do you have an interest in Medicine and Education? I am a Resident Doctor at the University of Ottawa conducting a medical education project on hand disorders (ex. Trigger Finger, Mallet Finger, Skier’s… Continue reading

Camping Acrylic Draft

Luckily I’ve been able to spend some time out doors this summer. On a not too special Saturday afternoon I brought out my paintbrushes and did a quick landscape. Its not complete, but… Continue reading

Mental Health and Suicide in Indigenous Communities in Canada

For the past year, I, and other medical students from across Canada, have been collaborating on a position paper on the tragic topic of suicide in Indigenous communities. It is a topic that… Continue reading

Soaring Youth: Indspire Conference

I was asked to give a speech to donors about my background and how the funds from Indspire contributed to my post-secondary education. Here is what I had to say: Every one of… Continue reading

Under the Dreamcatcher

Acrylic painting. Reminiscent of my medical elective in Moose Factory at Weeneebayko Hospital. In late April, at the time of the Moose River ice “break-up,” we wore our rubber boots to protect our… Continue reading