Mental Health and Suicide in Indigenous Communities in Canada

For the past year, I, and other medical students from across Canada, have been collaborating on a position paper on the tragic topic of suicide in Indigenous communities. It is a topic that… Continue reading

Soaring Youth: Indspire Conference

I was asked to give a speech to donors about my background and how the funds from Indspire contributed to my post-secondary education. Here is what I had to say: Every one of… Continue reading

Under the Dreamcatcher

Acrylic painting. Reminiscent of my medical elective in Moose Factory at Weeneebayko Hospital. In late April, at the time of the Moose River ice “break-up,” we wore our rubber boots to protect our… Continue reading

Indigenous Cultural Safety Course Summary

The Assembly of First Nations reported in 2007 that Aboriginals are 2.4 times more likely to smoke, 1.3 times more likely to be obese and 3 more times likely to have diabetes, compared… Continue reading

Stereotypes in my setting

Brainstorming for Water Painting

I bought some acrylic pouring medium in the aims of making a water-inspired painting. I want to combine abstract but also give the impression of a swim competition since I am a former… Continue reading

Aboriginal Health and Wabano

Please click the link to access the slides I used to present at the University of Ottawa, Masters of Population Health Conference: Connecting for Change 2015. I presented on the Aboriginal Health Access… Continue reading

Makayla Sault Case Review

“I am writing this letter to tell you that this chemo is killing my body and I cannot take it anymore,” Makayla Sault wrote to her doctors at the McMaster Children’s Hospital in… Continue reading

Wheelchair Exercise

On January 27th I participated in the Wheelchair Exercise put on my the SIM coordinators. From the lecture on Friday, it was suppose to sensitize me to the obstacles encountered by paraplegics and… Continue reading

Sitelle Cooking over an Open Fire

Mihály Csiíkszentmihályi, researcher on positive psychology at Claremont Graduate University, describes flow as focused motivation; a single-minded immersion. It represents “the ultimate experience in harnessing the emotions in the service of performing and… Continue reading