Brand New Blog, Brand New Start!

I will start by saying, this is not my first blog and it probably will not be my last. I have flip-flopped between different blog sites trying out their different features, experimented with themes, and posting on other people’s blog to get a better idea of blog options and feels. I am now returning to WordPress after a year-long absence to continue using it for school related business. It is more practical for feedback than and more aesthetically pleasing than I created a tumblr page and used it to post all my video, quotes, and thoughts but I was disappointed that ‘like’ was the only feedback I got from visitors. If you like what you see on this blog, I suggest you visit my old blog to see more of it. I will continue, maybe reuse some material, but most definitely expand on the content on this blog since I have more features. It will still focus on bridging art and science but hopefully with more depth, gusto, and visitor commentary. I will also be showcasing my own project from beginning until end, per request of my professors. I hope that the visitor’s harsh critiques will scare more into making better art and added feedback will help with design. Therefore, I ask that you reading return frequently to my blog, review my progress and leave constructive comments. In return, you will help me with the creation process and I’ll come up with pieces that mean something to you and me. Well, that’s all for now and I hope to hear from you soon.