Left Brain vs. Right Brain

A myth is circulating about the functional differences between the left and right cerebral hemisphere. Intrigued, I have been wondering which hemisphere I exercise more, my left-logical side or my right-creative hemisphere. In a constant search for inner-exploration I have decided in a way to satisfy my curiosity using relevant data taken throughout my adolescence to respond to my inquiry. I compared science course marks to art course marks for the grades 7-14 (grades 13 and 14 are first and second year of university) and matched the cerebral hemisphere sizes to each mark. The science marks are reflected in the left brain size and my art marks are reflected in the right brain size. Larger hemisphere corresponds to higher grades, which I take to mean that I used that side predominantly for that year. A scroll bar is used to cycle through the years and visualize changing brain use. While, the claim that hemisphere specialization has been disproved by research it is nonetheless fascinating to connect biology with social conventions, such as the grading system. The brain is still very much a mystery despite great advancements in the field in a short period of time. It will be interesting to see what other truths will be disproved and replaced by more robust explanations. Is it really the reward anticipation potential that motivates our actions or is it something ingrained within our genes and less predictable? We have the task to make sense from the data, such as interpreting grades as interest in fact absorption or expression.

Try it here! (You need java plug-in)