Photosensor in a Compost Bin

In the spirit of living in harmony with nature, I have decided to make an art piece that links human daily activities and vegetation well-being. In the city is it easy to forget that we share our habitat with other creatures. It is for this reason that that the benefits of composting are not seen. I believe that if people could see benefits of composting, we might become more aware of our behavior on other life forms. By installing a light sensor in side ever compost bin, every time you use it, it sends a message to light source above a public plant art piece. Plants are photosynthetic, they need light to grow and due to phototropism, some plants will grow in the direction.  If everyone who has the light sensor compost bin will be part of the creation, higher uses of the bin will result in more plant growth. The photosensor control the amount of light given to the plant. Under use of the bin will result in the art piece never being created. The piece is meant to show our awareness and consideration for the environment.