Rotary Telephone Art

Salvador Dali’s Lobster telephone was in fact intended for practical uses. The phone was specially made so that the user would be speaking into the lobster’s genitalia, why I am not sure.

Jean Luc Cornec’s Re-purposed Rotary Telephone Sheep sculptures asks the viewer to fondly reflect on the beautiful simplicity our world before the digital era. He does this twice by using the sheep, the first animal to be bred and used for commercial purposes and continues to be used by select farmers in rural and out-of-sight places. Secondly with the rotary telephone, one of the first inventions for accessible long-distance communication now rendered obsolete by more reliable technology.

Made by craftser Ninna who does commissioned artwork. She was inspired by a french rotary telephone found on (an online craft marketplace) and challenged her knitting ability with the plan and execution of the phone. Her website.