Standardized Tests Project Update

Shaking with trepidation I made my way to my afternoon class empty handed. We are already in week 6 and I am still tripping and stumbling my way through my art piece on Standardized Tests. I know I want this to be my theme, but I have yet to fully understand what I want to say about it. A dangerous place to be at week 6. I made a mock bubble sheet to pass the time, but even that reflects my confused thoughts. Why couldn’t I come up with an image for bubble row? All I could safely say is that I have a childish anger towards these types of tests. A feeling that I have been wrongly labeled. I’m willing to consider that it might be a delusion, but it is a powerful emotion and so I will stick with my topic.

With insight from my professor I have safely decided that ST are at tool to compare people’s test taking performance. Whether text-based tests are the best way to test for ability depends on the task. Some skills transfer easily into text form. However easy it is, does it do justice to the whole picture? What is left behind unvalidated? A catch phrase in English 101 is the limits of language. As you may notice, I am strongly biased to one side. If my art study so far has taught me anything, it is that there are a million ways to convey a message. All can be translated into text form, but with a serious loss in significance.

I will continue to collect data from my surveys and put them in my own SQL database. I will use commands to call different data, manipulate calculations, make every-changing ranking. How I phrase my call function will determine performance and rank participants differently. How I phrase my call function will determine test-taking ability.