Halloween Party

There’s nothing I enjoy more than hosting a good party. Food, decorations, friends, and activities make for good moments. With this in mind and inspiration from the genius Tim Burton, I went about preparing for this year’s Halloween extravaganza. I did what I could with the little time I had, not everything I wished for fell through (we never got to carve the pumpkins and I didn’t have enough time to hook up my brain costume). However, with two giant spiders nestled in various places in the apartment and an army of cupcakes and other munchies, decorations and food was well covered. I had my friends come early to the party to chat and enjoy the decorations, lest they not make it through the night, and by the time the party/get-together was in full swing I was complete occupied with the main even – psychic readings. Tarot cards an palm readings are skills I picked up from my occult phase. I’d like to say that my obsession with the occult has been replaced by a healthy dose of realism but still I retain an appreciation for its mystical allure, and so did my guests as it turned out. With guests lining up at the door, I was busy doing readings the whole night. When I had given the last person a reading I emerged from my room to an empty apartment – I missed my own party! I’m happy to have invited my guests early on, otherwise I might have not seen them. I do feel like I lost out on a good time and could have applied my hostess skills to building better relationships between guests, but alas what is done is int he part. I did sneak in some down town to watch spooky movies before clean-up so I’m glad for that.

My tarot reading: