Standardized Test Update

I’ve come to a decision about my project and how I want it communicated, conveniently the day before the prototype is due. I spent all night struggling with mySQL, php, and Dreamweaver, despite having been told it was child’s play. I eagerly wait for that ‘Aha!’ moment where the pieces fit together. I shutter to think that I won’t have my project up and impressive by tomorrow. My intention for using php is so that I could create my own web-survey that anyone could access on any computer with an internet connection. I might have to settle with a processing questionnaire and an animation performed on my computer only and spend more time on it before the final critique.

Besides technicality, I’ve made some progress in my concept. I am going to play with the idea of performance potential and dissipated energy in performance. Performing a test will measure how well the student is fit for the test. I want a new way of looking at the test. Instead of viewing the test as a grade, it is a measure of the medium through which a person translates their skill. This comes from the idea that high scoring testees are superior test-takers and the physics concept of power lost as heat due to resistance. I want to assume that each person has a potential of 100% success and it is through the medium they translate their skill that differences between a test format and a person’s skill arises. Therefore a score is not looked at as percent correct, but instead as a discrepancy between the appropriateness of the test for the performer.

This concept is different from my professor’s suggestion of making a statement on how standardized tests rank testers. I really don’t want my peers to be ranked because I don’t feel that I have the skill to make it humorous enough, nor do I want to perpetuate the ranking process. I find the above concept more true to my attitudes, as sweet as it may be.