Monthly Archive: November, 2011

Economic Perspective on Testing

I found an intriguing power point slide about the benefits of standardized tests (Economic Perspectives On Testing). This proves to be useful later on when I read a book with the subtitle of:… Continue reading

Ethics of Testing on Human Subjects

I did not foresee where this project would take me and it looks as if I have ventured into a legal arena. Since my project has involved taking feedback from my peers I… Continue reading

Digital Media and Dance

In November of 2011, the Ryerson Theater School Dancers performed the world premiere of Axon, a techno-lyrical piece choreographed by Allen Kaeja and projection design by David Bouchard and Aaron Bernstein. The piece… Continue reading

the Beast!

I made a mash-up of all the robots I used in my paper, Are We Creating a New Species with Digital Media? I used the swarm bot, the LegoMakerBot, computer fans, Photocells and… Continue reading

Excerpt from: Surely you’re joking, Mr. Feynmann “Adventures of a Curious Character”

One day I was watching a paramecium and I saw something that was not described in the books I got in school—in college, even. These books always simplify things so the world will… Continue reading

Concept Drawing

Here is my concept drawing (the physical look of the final project). I want to recreate the excitement that occurred at the start of the nineteenth century when the field of science began… Continue reading

Talking to Other Life Forms

For my final project in Authoring for New Media, the teacher wants us to work on a piece or reuse a medium already presented. I struggled a lot with re purposing the rotary… Continue reading

Light Painting: Attempt 2

Light Painting: Other Artists

Here are some images of light painting made by other artists. I believe this is the project my professor was talking about: The artist is showing WiFi levels in certain places and representing… Continue reading

Hybrid Beings: life in Robots

Inspired by my research of the potentials for life in robots I made this project for one of my classes. Using crafts like tissue paper, aluminum foil, and printed paper I made a… Continue reading