Single-Engine Flight over Kingston, Ontario

Nice weather provided the perfect opportunity for a scenic flight over Kingston, Ontario and the surrounding area. I went to the Kingston Flying Club with my father and grandfather for a sightseeing tour and got more than I bargained for. Not only did we get to see the trees from above in all their beautiful colors but the pilot let me fly the whole time! (sake for take-off and landing). I tilted, dipped, turned, and rose using the steering wheel and pedals much like a car. Driving the plane reminded me of driving a car, it has the speedometer, the fuel indicator, the one and off switch, but there are differences. For instance, the sky is traffic-free, no roads nor lanes, intersections, pedestrians, and billboards. It is open sky above, the horizon ahead, and the trees, buildings and water below. I particularly like the Boreal forest in the fall. North of Kingston I got to see the thick trees standing so close to each other it looked like moss and I concluded that we must be moss people. Intercepting the thick forest are lakes of all shapes and colors. Some were an impenetrable darkness, others revealed their underwater contents. Some were circular, others were long and wide. The most fascinating ones squiggled back and forth. We swooped low on one in particular, O’Reilly Lake, the place of our former and beloved cottage. The house still stands high on the hill and the jumping rock I fondly remember is still as tall and present as ever. The water was so still we could see a pearly reflection of the moon in it. My perspective from up-above greatly contrasts with my view from down below. For one, the trees don’t interrupt my line of vision. This allows me to see multiple familiar places at once and how they connect by familiar roads that wind and extend upon different topological ground. From up above I see human impact and it’s impressiveness. The suburbs are so organized to the point of absurdity. I don’t know how, but they created an artificial environment. Equally sized plots of land with equally sized houses, complete with equally sized garage and driveway. From the north, we headed back to the shore passing Dan Aakroyd’s mansion then we flew along Kingston Downtown. I saw Queen’s Unviersity, Kingston General Hospital, Princess Street, St. Mary’s of the Lake, Front road and Invista factory and more. With the sun setting at 5PM we finished our trip by heading west into the sunset and back to the landing field.