BioEthics Prezi

I made a presentation on ideas that stemmed from an article I read called ‘The Ethics of Synthetic Biology Guiding Principles for Emerging Technologies’ by Amy Gutmann (2010). The article was conceived following a meeting initiated by President Obama about the future of biotechnology. Despite the exciting implications I found the article a bit too broad and full of patriotism and righteousness. There were many phrases that followed the same theme of “Every nation has a responsibility to champion fair and just systems…” which I find to be elusive since every nation, group, and person has their own idea of what is fair and just and so I never knew what they were really talking about in the whole article. That is why I took a different approach when making my presentation than simply restating what was in the article. When putting together the material I thought of what my audience would like to see and what perspective I’d like them to concentrate on. I decided to focus on the genetic side. The idea that a code that governs it all is quite tantalizing and there is a rich repertoire of art that uses it as a main theme. I included a clip from the movie Gattaca and the theatrical trailer Splice. I used these two because they were popular movies and their dystopian view of the future is evident. I have yet to complete the utopian view but I want the tone to be one of a harmonious symbiosis between technology and natural life. Two more fascinating snippets I included was a short talk by Jeremy Rifkin about the negative ramifications of patenting gene sequences and an image I took of a mutant tri-receptacle strawberry I chanced upon this passing summer. I hope that my audience will be filled with new thoughts and feelings. I have until Thursday to make adjustments and I’d really like to hear what you have to say. So please visit my slideshow🙂