Science Visualizations

I’ve been reading this book called Exploring the Invisible by Lynn Gamwell and have been enlightened about how artists are getting inspiration from science. The reason I first took this book out was because my science courses neglected a creative expressionistic side. Instead of just ditching science and moving into the world of human feelings, I have decided to take feelings into the realm of science. I feel strongly about understanding the physical world and accept that the only way I can do this is through the highly subject sensory channels and cognitive processes. I have to work with what I got! The book goes through western art and science history from an artistic perspective. It tells of cultural currents and the unique madness of certain people. It is full of scientific visualizations. Pictures are a good way for me to understand a concept it is just a pity that there are so few in science literature. I think art that attempts to communicate physical truths are the most intriguing, it is like travel photography – it makes you think that you too can be there and get the whole experience. The tangibility and the hope for personal experience is the hook that reals me in. So for my next project I would like to create a scientific visualization using light painting technique. I want to superimpose the world onto itself by creating a 3D picture using frames and a long exposure camera. See the video below to get a better understanding of what I meant to do.

Procedural Lightpainting from Christopher Warnow on Vimeo.