Light Painting: Other Artists

Here are some images of light painting made by other artists.

I believe this is the project my professor was talking about: The artist is showing WiFi levels in certain places and representing the signal with the amount of light displayed.

Croix Gagnon and Frank Schott create the illusion of a human body distorted and floating uses 3D light painting and an animation of thin slices of a human from a CAT Scan. Here is the video of the animation they used:Visual Human Project I think this piece is incredible. I envy the mental jump they made from looking at the human project then finding a new way of looking at the images and executing it so successfully. In addition they play with preconceived notions of ghostly figures.

Here are light spheres in unsuspecting places:
In a short interview conducted by the artist, he mentions the surprise he gets after every shot because he never knows exactly how the image and the sphere will turn out. I think that is a important characteristic of light painting. You never know exactly what you will get until you see it on the screen.

Here is a 3D light painting text sculpture done by Dentsu London
This one is different from the others because it uses text and so the viewer can’t help but read the message instead of using intuit like in the other pieces. I think that this one has more of a wow-effect but is not as deep as the others. It is a new way of looking at a familiar thing.

Zeke Adam used a 3D cross-section software to make a light man and then placed him in familiar places. The images are quire impressive and there is no doubt that he has experience in computer graphics and animation. I think this is a charming way of putting a spin on our world. He is obviously a cartoon but is intruding a realistic setting. It kind of reminds me of the hologram of the computer girl from Resident Evil the movie.