Concept Drawing

Here is my concept drawing (the physical look of the final project). I want to recreate the excitement that occurred at the start of the nineteenth century when the field of science began to be popularized in the public. I will simulate a public science lecture like the one seen in the photograph below in Figure 1. L’Exposition des insects. I think that this era marked a turning point and played a great role in how we perceive the study of nature and how it functions today. At the time, practicing scientists were mainly from the middle-class and performed the mundane tasks of observing, recording, and synthesizing data in the laboratory, as seen in Figure 2. Das mikroskopische Aquarium in Berlin. A culture emerged from these like-minded individuals who shared the laboratory. Language, attire, instruments, thought processes, emerged. This is in contrast to earlier scientists who were from the upper class and participating in speculative, philosophical activity. The images were taken from the book Exploring the Invisible by Lynn Gamwell (pages 50 & 51).

Figure 1. L'Exposition des Insectes

Figure 2. Das Mikroskopische Aquarium in Berlin