Talking to Other Life Forms

For my final project in Authoring for New Media, the teacher wants us to work on a piece or reuse a medium already presented. I struggled a lot with re purposing the rotary dial telephone and vowed to never use such an obscure medium again – but I think that time has wizened me up and I’m ready to give it another stab. Tomorrow I will be presenting the concept of an using obsolete technology to talk to another life form. I know, kinda random but give me a try. So here’s what I see. You know how penicillin was discovered by accident, well what if playing with one of these rotary dials resulted in a surprising discovery; that the pulses it sent out could be understood by plankton and they would respond to it by doing a little dance. All of a sudden this obsolete form of technology just found a new purpose. Why plankton? Probably because I have been inspired by Ernst Haeckel’s elaborate organism drawings. A dolphin would probably be more pleasing but it’s too cliche. I envision the organisms to look a bit like those used in another artist’s piece: Oasis by Everware.
Like mine, Oasis is about exploring the invisible and learning more about another organism’s life habits. These little guys are hidden under black sand. But when a user pushes the sand away, they bask in the light and multiply. To learn something from feedback from my prof, I was thinking I would include a microscope as a prop so that I could keep the scale of the phytoplankton.