Monthly Archive: January, 2012

Catch the Culprit

The idea behind our Networking Project, “Catch the Culprit,” is to show a network situation through an audience participatory performance piece. We believe that staging a scenario and prompting audience participation is a… Continue reading

New York City

This wasn’t my first trip to Manhattan yet I was still shocked at how big everything is. I realized that I might have a touch of vertigo as I looked up at buildings… Continue reading

Jim Campbell, Exploded View (Commuters)

Jim Campbell, Exploded View (Commuters) This video was taken while at the Para Nadimi Gallery in December of Jim Campbell’s art piece Exploded View. I thought it was quiet miraculous how Campbell synchronized… Continue reading

Murder Mystery Game

I had a invigorating brainstorming session with my new group for David Greene’s class today, Communicating in Hybrid Environments. Don’t get confused by the title, it is a project oriented class focusing on… Continue reading