New York City

A typical view down a long street in Manhattan, Take a moment to compare the size of the cars to the increasingly large size of the buildings as the road disappears into the distance.

This wasn’t my first trip to Manhattan yet I was still shocked at how big everything is. I realized that I might have a touch of vertigo as I looked up at buildings that reach 100 floors. The busy metropolis of Toronto does not compare to the monstrosity that is New York City. Apartment buildings as tall and thick as mountains blow my mind. I can only imagine how complex waste management is. I am but a speck that moves along the busy streets and samples the touristic spots like Time Square, Schnipper’s Restaurant and Union Square. I am but one ant in a colony who gets a little anxious when the subway line stalls in between stops. I am but one of a million eyes that look at the reflective statue of Andy Warhol near Union Square. I don’t know how I could have under-played how immense this city is, seeing that it is now my 5th trip. Perhaps I kept my eyes closed the whole time. You know that scene from Blood Diamond where Maddy and Danny are at the refuge camp and Maddy says “this is what a million people looks like.” The very same saying came to mind as I stool looking at the row upon row of apartment buildings and condos both on the street and from a distance place outside the city.