Murder Mystery Game

I had a invigorating brainstorming session with my new group for David Greene’s class today, Communicating in Hybrid Environments. Don’t get confused by the title, it is a project oriented class focusing on networking. This particular project uses already existing networking frameworks – like texting, skype, facebook… and we are asked to come up with an interface for it. My group, including Nicole, Jessica, and Benson decided on a murder mystery game. I will do my best to communicate our vision. The experience should last 15 minutes and uses two rooms. We will split the class into half – roughly 10 people in each group. Each group is assigned to a room. What happens in the rooms are very different. We have one story but they will be told to each group in a different order. The order in which the story is told greatly changes the user experience. The group that is given an introduction to the story have greater understanding of the situation. The group that does not get an introduction has to learn it on the fly. As organizers, we will not be physically present but instead we will be using networked technologies. We will have to ask for the phone numbers of the participants in order to get in contact with them and give individuals in the group information. We will use live-video feeds to monitor the activity in the rooms. We hope that once we give instructions to participants using text or phone calls the individual will act accordingly. The success fulness of our project relies on the cooperation of the participants. Or, my group needs to start thinking about what to do if participants were to rebel. In conclusion, I have kept this post limited to the technicalities of the project in order to maintain the element of surprise, it is indeed a process blog 🙂