Catch the Culprit

The idea behind our Networking Project, “Catch the Culprit,” is to show a network situation through an audience participatory performance piece. We believe that staging a scenario and prompting audience participation is a good way to point out a life phenomenon as well as elicit thinking on the subject matter. Since the audience does not have a script, their responses will depend on a pre-conditioned script they have developed from previous experiences. Many time when you see a famous rock star or an appalling assault the reaction is to capture it on film and distribute it to friends and the authorities. Both of these instances can be seen in the rise of the Paparazzi and the recent beating of a 15-year old on Yonge street that was caught on tape but not stopped. Possible reasons for this may be to immortalize the moment, declare it as a true event, and to prompt a response from others. The willing inclusion of those in our social circle is the main component of our networking project.

By using already existing technology, our team will stage a mugging and a get-away and ask the audience to do anything in their means to capture the culprit without leaving the room. Texting, Facebook chat, and Skype are some of the digital network mediums the audience can use to communicate their message to the staged authorities. When sufficient evidence is gathered so that a suspected culprit can be identified beyond doubt, the power of networking is realized.

Group mobilization is facilitated using networking devices. The result of lots of people working towards a common goal has resulted in the erection of great monuments such as the Pyramids, the Great Wall of China, and the allowed human kind to reach great heights such as travel to the Moon. The difference in our era is the willingness participation of the individuals. Without being forced to act nor without cash incentive to motivate, networking participants today seek fulfilling ideological goals, such as recent Egyptian Revolution facilitated through digital networking technology. This is significant in terms of societal movements in conjunction with sustaining autonomy and freedom on the individual scale.