Heart-to-Heart at the PCC Symposium

I am really happy with my interactive anatomical structures and I am glad I was able to share it with a wider audience at the January University Health Network event, Patient-Centered Care Symposium. The event was held in a beautiful building downtown and everyone was kind and enthusiastic. I was also glad to see that I was the only artist presenting an interactive piece 🙂 It helped me to stand out. I think most people enjoyed it and there was no doubt in their minds we represented the cardiac hospital. On the whole, I really support PCC and I was glad to be able to present my perspective on it. You will find my artist statement below. Image

This is a close-up of the projections and part of the heart sculpture. You can see someone handling the heart. Depending on where they are putting their hands causes different quotes to be shown on the screen.

Heart-to-Heart is an interactive sculpture that highlights the caring approach of Person-Centered-Care (PCC). The heart and roses are symbols of an intimate relationship. PCC’s mandate is to recognize each person at an intimate level through the acknowledgement of the individual. A person as a leader of their lives, having respect for others decisions, and being sympathetic to others as they experience the highs and lows of everyday. It asks for a shift in thought that can be summed up in the simple phrase: treat others as THEY would like to be treated. The box emphasizes that each encounter with another is a separate opportunity to get to know the other. What are their unique concerns and motivations. The hands represent the care we must have when engaging with others. The interactive component occurs when someone handles the heart. Quotes from PCC trained volunteers show the ideology shift that has resulted in more meaningful encounters. PCC is an ideology that represents a better way for relationship building and facilitates a more positive sharing environment.


The team: Mohammad Salhia, Harris Ahmed, Tamara Pokrupa-Nahanni, and Theresa Vallentin. Theresa and Mohammad composed the idea platforms, Harris made the box, I did the sculpture and projections.