Monthly Archive: March, 2012

Data Visualization: Final Project

Psychology/Physiology of Relationships Project Proposal MPM35B: Final Project March 27th, 2012 New Media art supersedes all other forms of art in its ability to most successfully illustrate the progression of a series of… Continue reading

Photography Progress

Here are some of the latest takes from my photography class. Thank you Michael Cooper who helped so much with the lighting and modelling, Tal-Or and Jean Jean as well for modelling!

Potential Website Layout

I am in the midst of renovating my professional website and have come up with a potential look. I was inspired by Fernando Vicente‘s clean art website that includes an animation on the… Continue reading

Section 119 of the Indian Act

Section 119 of the Indian Act is a self-operating machine that retells Canadian history from a Native American perspective. According to the original Indian Act, created in 1876, the ministry granted permission to… Continue reading

Dance and Dramatic Lighting

Diffus: a Blend of Traditional and Contemporary Materials

In preparation for our final year project, one of our professors asked us to create a short presentation about an artist that really inspired us. I chose the Danish company, Diffus. I’ve included… Continue reading

Potential Blog Look

I am in the midst of updating the look and feel of my blog. I want to create some coherence across the various online sites about what I’m about. I decided to create… Continue reading

Light Painting Progress

Light Painting and Strobes

Canadian Roots Trip to 6-Nations

Canadian Roots is indigenous education/cultural program for curious aboriginal and non-aboriginal people to visit First Nation Reserves in Canada for 1 week to 1 month to gain a first hand perspective of life… Continue reading