Canadian Roots Trip to 6-Nations

Canadian Roots is indigenous education/cultural program for curious aboriginal and non-aboriginal people to visit First Nation Reserves in Canada for 1 week to 1 month to gain a first hand perspective of life on the reserve and get answers about indigenous heritage. I learned about this trip through my sister who is a trip facilitator and has led trips to Moosenee/Moose Factor, Mishkeegogamang and will be heading to the North West Territories this summer and participated with her on the trip to Moosenee/Moose Factory in 2010. Over Reading Week I accompanied 20 other youth to 6-Nation Reserve to further my knowledge of my heritage and this particular trip’s theme on health practices on the reserve. The trip had every hour from 9AM to 9PM accounted for. We met with health practices such as traditional Healing, Ancestral Voices and Earth Healing Herb Garden, addiction rehabilitation services, Native Horizon’s Addictions Center, midwives birthing center, Tsi Non:We Ionnakeratstha (The place they will be born) Ona:grahsta’ (a Birthing Place),  and western/indigenous health collaborations, Aboriginal Health Center in Hamilton. Meeting with the people and learning about the programs really gave me a good vibe about the holistic practices of indigenous health. The model caters to the body, mind and soul and encourages community caring. On top of that, my co-travelers were keen health enthusiasts and their insightful questions really brought out the best sides of the program directors. We also had a history lesson followed by a tour of the local Residential School by a former student. Canadian Roots are in the midst of coordinating a small tour of the facilities in April for visiting student from the north.

Stoney, Celina and Mike participate in team-building activity - the Slap-Game 😀

Group Photo of the Canadian Roots trip to 6-Nations