Diffus: a Blend of Traditional and Contemporary Materials

The Prezi I made about the company Diffus

In preparation for our final year project, one of our professors asked us to create a short presentation about an artist that really inspired us. I chose the Danish company, Diffus. I’ve included the Prezi Presentation, which you can link to by clicking on the image above. In it I mentioned 4 art pieces or ideas that caught my attention. The first being the famous Climate Dress that is both beautiful and eco-meaningful. Second is an architectural space that is reminiscent of a cave. Fourth is a lyrical light textile piece. I especially like this one because I danced for many years and can imagine wrapping, unwrapping, dragging and throwing the fabric to watch little lights pulse with a changing tempo. Finally is a health-oriented piece that emphasizes the mental healing process. Since I am very eager about holistic healing, I appreciated the goal to transform a stale hospital setting into an area of personal growth and journey. On the whole, Hanne and Michel have an artistic taste I admire and concepts I can relate to. Their ability to harmoniously combine traditional media such as textiles and new technology is something I hope to include in my final year project.