Monthly Archive: April, 2012

Wolf Totem Documentation

Wolf Totem is an interactive screen-based installation where distinctive images of chemical models are shown in the torso of a wolf sculpture. The theme is to juxtapose but also harmonize Native American symbolism… Continue reading

Native Science

As my 3rd year in the New Media Program comes to a close, I have to assess what I’ve learned over the past few years and start preparing for the big bang –… Continue reading

I created a blog called Learning as User Experience and filled it with posts that brought attention to the thinking process. By using a blog, I can curate information using multiple media and… Continue reading

Self Help Readings

Priorities, beliefs, and needs, these are some of the things that guide our behaviour. Last week, David Green, our professor added to the list. Money (I think he said it three times in… Continue reading

Photography Final Critique

Navigation Sophistication

We are in an age of information. The role of the Internet as an externalized central nervous system is integral to our everyday awareness. It is a way to learn about current and… Continue reading


Phases of Plant Development At first the whole plant, in all its potential, rests, drawn together into one point, in the seed (a). It then comes forth and unfolds itself, spreads itself out… Continue reading

Dutch Inventions: StrandBeests and the Windmill

Theo Jansen’s BMW commercial The Dutch are widely innovative people and it is so wonder; they have to come up with creative solutions to keep their country from flooding! You see, the big… Continue reading

Ryerson Aboriginal Student Services Staff Photos

I had the opportunity to update RASS portraits that are used online and work on my lighting skills today. I had 8 beautiful members come and model for me. I originally aimed to… Continue reading

Portrait Photography

Here are the latest photos from the shoot. Thank you to Fancy and Moses for modelling and Michael for showing me the light (both figuratively and actually). Below you will see how I… Continue reading