Navigation Sophistication

We are in an age of information. The role of the Internet as an externalized central nervous system is integral to our everyday awareness. It is a way to learn about current and past events and ideas, share our thoughts, arrange our thoughts and navigate through other’s thoughts. Blogs provide the ultimate platform for freedom of choice by articulating individualistic thoughts, referencing the thoughts of others, sharing and arranging thoughts into its own narrative. They are a form of social curation for organized knowledge resources. The aim of my project is a conceptual art pieces that makes a statement through a controlled knowledge network that is experienced when explored. The statement will be about indigenous issues and the technology era, the old and new world.

Inspiration for the pieces comes from Pearltree and WordPress. Pearltree is a platform that allows for customizable and accessible web-resource archives. It embodies the spirit of knowledge networking by create links between individuals and ideas. The organization is a personal statement about preferences and exploring the work is an experience into the mind of the other that is an alternative to text-based argument formation. WordPress is a dynamic content management system and open source blogging tool. It’s Multi-user and Multi-blogging version allows for multiple blogs to be included in one installation so that many different opinions on separate sites can be created joined under one architectural framework. The result of both is a rich resource set that is carefully organized and developed.

My piece will be an orchestration of information in the form of alternative navigation symbols and various media formats such as images, audio, video, text, and links. I want to move beyond the traditional organizational system and create a message from the categories, the navitaion as well as the posts. The message is inspirational, educational, sexy, humorous and sentimental and leaves the audience fulfilled and inspired. It is a message about current issues in the community and pro-active participants.