I created a blog called Learning as User Experience and filled it with posts that brought attention to the thinking process. By using a blog, I can curate information using multiple media and allow viewers to provide feedback. I made the topic clear and precise in order to create a niche for myself. My audience are students who are looking for perspectives on the learning process and want to develop their learning abilities. I believe my blog is relevant because we live in the information era and there is a need to digest and process all this information. The advancements in computers is also causing a re-evaluation of ourselves. Can I treat my brain as hardware that I need to consciously install and update software?

The internet embodies the spirit of knowledge and so it was natural for me to create a WordPress blog. On it I can choose the most appropriate medium to convey my message. I can link to other websites, inspirational learning theorists… I categorized my information by common topics: math, art, and science. I also included a learning category that mentions nontraditional learning strategies. I made sure to use catchy header images on each post in order to grab the viewer’s attention at least one tag to enhance Search Engine Optimization and respond to any comments from viewers. The URL is short, descriptive and sweet: The UXD stands for User Experience Design.

I’ve been to 4 different high schools and there was a general trent to propell us towards a university education. When I was in university, I didn’t know why or what I was doing, nor did I find the material particularly compelling despite being an enthusiastic student in high school. I blame the misalignment of institutional teaching and my innate learning methods. I am constantly being convinced that the internet is replacing schooling because it offers different mediums to convey the message and the formation of common-interest communities. Contributing to the information economy via the internet is a full-time job for some people and because it is an extension of our central nervous system the ability to digest and process information is in demand. My blog is to treat learning as an experience, an activity in itself. It offers strategies and perspectives on the learning process that have come in handy to me in my learning career.