Delauney Triangulation using DMesh

The latest post on (a must see for digital artists) is the software DMesh produced by the Dofl. Pictures can be transformed into crystal abstract art using this simple template and free to download from the Mac Apple store. I was first intrigued by this style when I saw Jonathan Puckey‘s work. I immediately downloaded the add-on  for Photoshop, Scriptographer, but never got around to successfully using it. The Dofl doesn’t mention Puckey on their media release which I think is a bit strange. Stranger yet is that Puckey includes a clause on his website stating that his tool is not open-source. My guess is that a company learned the code and was willing to share it. I am happy for that because now I can make my own (as you can see). It is an edgy new style and I wonder if this is the same feeling of awe and wonder people felt when they saw pointilism for the first time.