FashionStudio7 Covers Ryerson Eagle Staff Ceremony

May 30th was the Ryerson Eagle Staff Ceremony and the online magazine FashionStudio7 joined us to celebrate ‘the gifting.’ The staff is only given to groups that have demonstrated a devotion to aboriginal culture in the ways defined by the unique staff. This staff was defined through 12 qualities. I had the role as Flag Barer, ring dancer (nothing fancy), banack eater, socializer, and interview organizer. Al Mon, from FashioStudio7 was keen to broaden the reach of the event by interiewing guests and hoped to inform the general public about aboriginal events in the Toronto area. He did a really good job at making the clips informative. I am really thankful and proud of the Staff at the Ryerson Aboriginal Student Services for sharing their thoughts to Al and the camera.  I was granted the closing remarks and a nice half-body shot in the spread.

The online magazine is a new media way of distributing visual information in a multi-media format. It has the spread similar to Vogue and Flair, but also has videos with interviews from the events creating immediacy and giving the possibility to include more information. The only downside is because the large file sizes for the videos there is a bit of a delay as each page loads. In the image above, you can see the scroll bar to navigate the different pages and on the left hand side in the middle one of the images is of a man with a microphone. That is where they have embedded the video clip.