Monthly Archive: October, 2012


Creating a bridge between westernized and native medicine

This is the first thesis proposal draft. The artifacts (drum and ECG) has since changed.: Poor housing conditions has resulted in 71% of Aboriginal people moving off of the reserve. Many of these… Continue reading

Finds from Queen Street West

I went for a stroll along Queen Street West, starting at Ossington Street. I was looking for ideas. There is a wood, industrial theme going on. I really dig it. Here is what… Continue reading

“Science is the Art of Knowing and Art is the Science of Feeling”

At the atomic level, a rainbow is nothing more than reflected light rays. But photons can not be distinguished by the naked eye. Before Francis Bacon’s rigorous standard for truthfulness, the physical realm… Continue reading

Charley Harper’s World of Nature

In my search for science visualizations I stumbled across Charley Harper. Harper (1922-2007) is a Modernist Graphic Designer. He is best known for his wildlife prints, posters, and book illustrations. He made the… Continue reading

Modern Science by Tamsyn Barton

i) It is objective. The scientist puts his passions aside and relies on reason ii) It is non-religious. No longer does an instinct veneration for a creator structure the search into nature. In… Continue reading

Thesis Project Prezi

The year has come to make my big debut into the world of art. The piece will take inspiration from my native heritage and my upbringing in western medicine. Creating a bridge between… Continue reading