Modern Science by Tamsyn Barton

i) It is objective. The scientist puts his passions aside and relies on reason

ii) It is non-religious. No longer does an instinct veneration for a creator structure the search into nature. In being objective, passionless, creatorless, it alone produces tangible truth, which in modern society is given priviledged status (and which science often consciously opposes to faith)

iii) It is experimental in its verification of its theories

iv) Science and the research that continues to built it are in practice directed to the practical business of manipulating nature. Its self-confidence is increased by every successful manipulation of nature: it appears to be self-proving

v) Its manipulative nature has strongs links to technology

vi) It has universal law-like statements, often mathematical and with Boyle’s law as a paradigm.

Barton, Tamsyn, “Ancient Astrology.” 1994 Routledge. Print.