Thesis Project: Proof of Concept & Feedback


Triptych of progressive relief (left to right). Used in my piece to illustrate changing states of grief.

I successfully integrated the sensor (piezo vibration sensor that picked up vibrations from a native American drum) with combined processing sketches (3 portrait photos of states of grief, seen above) and an electrocardiogram that glows brightly depending on sensor reading (seen below). It was a rough art piece. The sensor was not sensitive enough so that not all the vibrations were detected. Also, there was a delay when vibrations were detected and switching between images. This could be something that needs to be worked out in the code. The biggest criticism was that users were concentrating on coordinating the drum beat with the heartbeat that they missed the photo change altogether! I think this would be solved if the sensor was more sensitive, meaning it would be forgiving to out-of-tempo drum beats. One really great suggestion was to have a reactive heartbeat. The pulse increases or decreases depending on the drummer, similar to how our sympathetic nervous system releases hormones to control our pulse rate. I realize that my piece is still lacking in a strong message of native American cues. One solution might be to have a symbol that ties the images on screen to the drum. Another solution is to arrange the parts so that they are pieces of a whole. Overall, I felt really good about merging the sensors and programs. Thank you Jonathan for helping me along the way!

Heartbeat Electrcardiogram Image

Processing sketch of electrocardiogram heartbeat. Uses Neon glow effect found in GLGraphics Library.