Drum Treatment – User Test

Drum Treatment

Drum Treatment Art Piece at User Test

The latest on my Thesis progress, Drum Treatment, is the User Test. The User Test is a mock gallery show. For it, I projected the images onto a curtain and suspended the drum using clamps and stands. Then I used two-screens and showed the electrocardiogram beat on a small screen which I placed on the table. Luckily I got a new vibration sensor that could detect drum pounds while taped to the rim of the drum (that way the noise was crisp). I imagine the critique would not have gone so well if I did not have this new sensor. We had a guest evaluator, Ilona Posner, who had on the whole, positive reviews. The technology is still quite basic, but it is robust. I still have a long way to go in terms of making it intelligent. I anticipate a lot of coding days ahead. Its a funny thing with independent projects, they never get done as quickly as initially thought. So many other things catch my attention and I never spend as much time working on the piece then I plan for. Hopefully, armed with my New Years Resolutions – Important Thesis Project is Priority, I’ll overcome the ‘staying eye.’