New Years Resolutions

Who would appreciate New Year celebrations more than someone born it its eve? On this night, everyone following the Gregorian calendar is celebrating along with you – and by default you trump all your friends’ birthday parties. But that wasn’t the case for Ron, who could never figure out the true cause of all the hubbub. It’s only an occasion to celebrate, but come Monday we’ll all have to return to work, he thought.

On his thirtieth birthday he attended a New Year’s Eve celebration at La Queue de Cheval, a upscale restaurant in Montreal. Surrounded by classy Quebecois he rang in the new year. As expected, there were whistles, cheers, and laughter. And as he scanned the room to take in the twinkle in their eyes, and the smiles that were just too big to be true, he recognized the real reason to celebrate. We made it, we survived, but most importantly, we got away with whatever crime we committed and have a fresh start.

My New Years Resolutions

  1. Host more dinners
  2. Have a regular blog schedule
  3. Be able to perform in front of an audience (piano, flute and elocution)
  4. Treat service people better
  5. Solidify Native American Heritage (visit to NWT, reunite with relatives and incorporate Native practices into life)
  6. Master critical reading/reading comprehension
  7. improve mental math
  8. Write that speech/book I keep talking/thinking about
  9. Exhibit art to the world!
  10. Control finances (of coarse)