Monthly Archive: February, 2013

HeartBeat Evolution

A quick view of the different heartbeat images I used over the coarse of my project project Advertisements

Heartbeat Scenarios

Luckily I have many cardio-familiar friends to ask for advice. To depict the most realistic heartbeat, I chose three images of heart readings: Normal Sinus Rhythm (where the heart is functioning normally –… Continue reading

Setup Evolution and Gimp Weave

In Earlier version of the piece I used a table to hold the drum stick however this ran the risk of loosing the stick. I wanted to secure the stick to the drum… Continue reading

Medicine Wheel

The Medicine Wheel is an important part of Aboriginal healing philosophy. It is a daily guide to living a balanced lifestyle and keeping connected with the Earth. I think its necessary that I… Continue reading

Electrocardiograph Aesthetics Update

The Electrocardiogram is a critical artifact to the piece so finding the right visuals to communicate Western Medicine while blending it with Native American culture is important. I decided to change the colors… Continue reading

Thoughts on my Thesis project

Break It: Keyboard

In collaboration with Melissa James Electronic keyboard, Digital keyboard, Portable keyboard or Home Keyboard   The many names of our device exemplify its many utilities. Many of you may recognize the mechanical keys… Continue reading

Drum-making workshop

In Anishnawbe folklore,  beats on a drum represented mother’s heartbeat and this semester, I made my very own heart. Using white deer skin provided by Steeve Teeken we fastened the hide to a… Continue reading

New Media Source Book

I don’t care that koodo’s are a compact and convenient. Give me a book with pages to turn any day! I’ve run into a problem in my thesis process. All through my artistic… Continue reading