Setup Evolution and Gimp Weave

In Earlier version of the piece I used a table to hold the drum stick however this ran the risk of loosing the stick. I wanted to secure the stick to the drum so no one would accidentally walk away with the stick. I used a wax braid that I learned from an Arts and Crafts Activity at Camp to connect the drum stick with the drum. I made it loose so that it had the appearance of being able to stretch. I also embedded white beads to give it a more polished look. The wax string I bought at Iroqurafts in Six Nations. Its traditionally used for the web of dreamcatchers. I thought the color, dirty brown, complemented the drum. To attach it to the stick, I drilled a whole at the base and used that as the starting point of the braid and braided down. Finished it is about five feet – more than enough to be able to use. I attached it to one of the ropes at the back of the drum. I wanted to avoid it looking like a telephone receiver so I attached it at an angle. Then I attached the Drum to a stand and gobo arm and placed a curtain between the stand and the drum. The effect is the drum appears to be levitating. The same was done for the ECG (MIMO Monitor).