In art, the environment controls the experience. However, none of my favorite pieces fit in the artifical gallery setting. With a background in Biology, my art pieces fit into a natural landscape. Land Art is one of my favorite art forms. To overcome some of the stifness of the gallery, I’ve been mulling with the idea of bringing the audience into my own environment, using a tent. To me, the tent reminds me of summers camping in Algonquin Park. It also reminds me of medic tents I’ve seen at concerts and in the movies. However, I can also made parrallels of tents to tipis. I think that the tent is a good fit for my project. It brings the user into a space to contain his/her thoughts. In my vision, I am in a white tent (a medic tent), a sick individual goals on a white bed. The beep of the Electrocardiogram echos and fills the space. A drum cries out to the user to play. Playing the drum slows the heart beat of the sick individual down until he/she is happy. Cessation of the drumming causes the patient to do into remission. This cycle encourages the interaction. In a desperate attempt to bring my vision into fruition, I made a make-shift tent from a Canadian Tire Tent and white table cloths. The result was disastrous. It literally looked like trash. However, once I began to put it together I was determined to do the whole thing. My roommate helped me out. She was a good sport, didn’t comment on its appearance til the ordeal was well done. In retrospect I shouldn’t have attempted this at the re-grade, I missed out on a boost in my mark – but the adrenaline was too much for me to resist. (Something about a deadline in sight pushes me to heights of activity I can’t reach normally. Its a great feeling and power I have yet to harness). When I realized its shabbiness and that I wouldn’t make the deadline all I could do was laugh. It was a good effort but narrow-minded and unrealistic.