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The 4th Year New Media Show, META was held March 28th to 30th at Arta Gallery in the Distillery District. The show provided students to showcase projects that they had been working on since September. The show is a good way to get publicity for the program and the artists. Family members, faculty, staff, professional artists are all in attendance. On top of that, its a good way to validate the artists efforts and close the undergraduate program. Sadly, I was not chosen to show so as my peers stood or half stood in their exhausted state, next to their pieces I witnessed from a distance. I am reassured there are other career-stepping stone shows to participate in, but what I missed out of is the momentum and the togetherness presenting with peers. Nevertheless, it was a great time and I learned a lot by watching my peers present their work. For most of the pieces, I saw them since inception so it was interesting to see them in ‘final’ form. Perhaps because I had a backstage perspective I wasn’t as impressed as I had been for previous years. I always dreamed I’d make the piece that paralleled the greatness of Daedalum by Xhensila Zemblaku. But luck did not have it this year. Until then, I remain an artist for myself.