The Future of Drum Treatment

I can’t speak for other artists, but I regularly reflect of the role of Fine Art in my life. As an audience and an artist. Creativity is part of my life. It nourishes my intellect and provides a break from the repetition of the daily. Good art hits me deeply even brought me to tears. After my four years, I am approaching a critical time in my art career. My options to get a job in the field, build on this higher education or pursue an alternative career path is upon me. In my context, the art work is not as critical to the labour market as engineering/health sectors. It is a luxury – sometimes welcomes and sometimes rejected. In the beginning of my schooling I would notice the judgmental looks after I revealed my studies in the Fine Arts degree. I believe that dedicating ones life to the arts is a worthy one that is praise-worthy. A creative individual combines that conscious with the unconscious. They’re power to validate strange urges helps liberate those who mask them. I’m still trying to grasp my decision to enter the Fine Arts world. I believe it has something to do with my exceptional strength in perceptual organization coupled with pleasant weekends at pottery/painting/Broadway/band/creative writing weekends. They were all pleasant and nourishing environments that made me feel at home – made me feel as if my strangeness was welcome. Meeting with others has made me realize it was a luxury. In a way, I’m ready to accept more responsibility but I don’t believe it will be in the sector of Fine Arts. An artist is very independent and solitary profession which does not suit my personality. I have far to much fun bossing people around to give it up. In this sense, my creativity relies on my social environment. Without it, it can only be a hobby

The future of Drum Treatment relies on finding my niche. A receptive audience that needs to bridge. Until I develop self-discipline, someone else will be imposing the deadlines to keep. I’ve been provided with the opportunity to further my project. However, I have some heavy considerations. With my Medical School Applications underway and a decision to be made May 14th, I need to consider my future as a doctor. I’ll get back to you with my answer soon.