Moose Hide Hand Drum

Moose Hide Hand Drum

A young Anishnawbe girl sits alone in the forest.

She has sat for 30 days in the darkness, waiting for a sign from the Creator.

She prays for a solution to help her community.

The men have been infected with bad spirits. They are angry and violent.  Obsessed with waging war on their enemies.

The girl misses the loving fathers and husbands. She asks for good medicine to ward off the bad spirits.

The Creator sees she is near her end. He takes pity on her.


“I have sent you good medicine,” he says. “One that beats when the hearts inside have grown cold.”

“Bring it to your men and beat the drum. Let them hear the heartbeat of their mothers and their homes, so that their hearts may grow warm again.”

“Transition of sick man to healthy*