Sitelle Cooking over an Open Fire

Sitelle Cooking Over an Open FireMihály Csiíkszentmihályi, researcher on positive psychology at Claremont Graduate University, describes flow as focused motivation; a single-minded immersion. It represents “the ultimate experience in harnessing the emotions in the service of performing and learning” (Wikipedia, 2015). Sitelle Cooking over an Open Fire is an acrylic painting that depicts, from a third person perspective, someone experiencing ‘flow.’ The three superimposed figures represent moments in time as Sitelle talks, cooks and focuses on cracking an egg. The qualities that represent ‘flow’ are her focussed attention, her control over the items and her lack of awareness of physical needs. Even though Sitelle is familiar with the setting each event provides her with an opportunity to extend beyond her ability, develop new skills and discover new flavors. Sitelle safely experiments with her tools and foods in order to grow her cooking repertoire. Flow is an innately positive experience because it leads to personal development. Sitelle Cooking over an Open Fire hopes to capture the quintessential quality of life, growth.

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Update: The final product featured in the Arts and Medicine booklet