My name is Tamara. I am a Family Medicine Resident with a special interest in Indigenous House. I hope to bridge Indigenous and Western medicine. Explore my blog to see my art progress and read about art that inspires me.  Enjoy!

Excerpt from my post: Native Science:

As my 3rd year in the New Media Program comes to a close, I have to assess what I’ve learned over the past few years and start preparing for the big bang – 4th year projects. When I return for my final year in September, I will no longer be consuming the information but spitting it back out into the world to be critiqued. My professors made a deliberate gesture to emphasize the swiftness of our final year. It was a word of warning because many students from this year did not use every moment and were not ready for the final year show. Since this will be the final year I have access to professors/instructors, I want to milk them for everything they got in order to become the artist I want to be known for. I need to answer the questions: what can I achieve through my art? The next little blurb will be an attempt at defining what I want to accomplish in my year-long project:

With a background in Science and a personal goal to strengthen my Aboriginal Heritage, I have chosen the topic of Native Science and decided to represent it using an interactive sculpture or garment. So far I’ve worked with projections, screen-based visualizations (processing), built interactive sculptures using Arduino and used a variety of sensors (light, infrared, motion, range), created websites with HTML and CSS and conceived of and developed many types of concepts. These are the foundational tools that will help me make an interactive sculpture. I will need to practice lighting, because I already have the knowledge to use the material now I would need to work on presentation. My understanding is that the type of lighting on a sculpture changes everything. I am taking inspiration from the artist Diffus, who I posted on earlier with a prezi. I admire their conceptual hybrid pieces of eco/garment/new media art. Their motto is “to blur the boundaries in order to become precise.” What I understand this to mean is:  to work with specific elements of each theme and create relationships between elements from different themes. Such as carbon dioxide levels to luminosity, luminosity to accessory, accessory to fashion, and fashion to statement. The precise message is that eco consciousness can be made into a fashion statement! To make the Climate Dress, they spent in the thousands making the piece, should I expect the same? Should sponsorship be part of my thesis project? As I look at the schedule our instructors provided us at the pep-talk mentioned earlier, I need to be finished my project in December and polished by end of February. That leaves me 7 months. That may seem like a lot, but 4 of those months I’ll be on summer vacation, looking for a job and visiting friends then only 3 months is spent full-heatedly working on it. But even that is an over-exaggeration. I am far too involved in extracurricular. Is there a solution to my predicament without compromising my involvement in the community? Can I utilize my communities to strengthen and work on my project?