Book Club

Zah-gi-di-win (love): To know love is to know peace.

Ma-na-ji-win (respect): To honour all of creation is to have respect.

Aak-dehe-win (bravery): To face life with courage is to know bravery.

Gwe-ya-kwaad-zi-win (honesty): To walk through life with integrity is to know honesty.

Dbaa-dem-diz-win (humility): To accept yourself as a sacred part of creation is to know humility

Kbwaa-ka-win (wisdom): To cherish knowledge is to know wisdom.

De-bwe-win (truth): To know of these things is to know the truth.

— Bakaan nake’ii-izhi-gakinoo’amaagoomin (We Were Taught Differently: The Indian Residential School Experience)

There are so many strong pieces of literature that offer a glimpse from the Indigenous perspective or are on Indigenous issues in Canada. Each read brings you closer to the varied experience of these people and provides you with a closer understanding of what it is to be Canadian. Below are a selection of articles and books I found captivating. I urge you to read they relatively quick and easy gems.

  1. Missing Murdered Indigenous Women – Maclean’s Magazine Article Oct 2017

You should be able to access the article from the link embedded in the subtitle. MMIWcover 1

2. Seven Fallen Feathers by Tanya Talaga


3. My Heart Shook Like A Drum by Alice Blondin-Perrin


4. The Break by Katherena Vermette