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Trip to Fort Smith, NT Reflections

From my little plane that shook and shuddered, I could see thousands of little lakes that speckled the landscape of the Northwest Territories. Fort Smith receives and sends off one plane a week.… Continue reading


My photo was published in Honoring Indigenous Women Volume II. This piece originally took form for a school project depicting a moment that changed my life. It has also been published in “the… Continue reading

Photography Final Critique

Ryerson Aboriginal Student Services Staff Photos

I had the opportunity to update RASS portraits that are used online and work on my lighting skills today. I had 8 beautiful members come and model for me. I originally aimed to… Continue reading

Portrait Photography

Here are the latest photos from the shoot. Thank you to Fancy and Moses for modelling and Michael for showing me the light (both figuratively and actually). Below you will see how I… Continue reading

Re-release South East Asia Photos

Take your mind off exams for one moment to enjoy the pleasures of South East Asia taken from my 2011 trip with Alternative Spring Break.

Flower Silhouette

Photography Progress

Here are some of the latest takes from my photography class. Thank you Michael Cooper who helped so much with the lighting and modelling, Tal-Or and Jean Jean as well for modelling!

Light Painting and Strobes

the Beast!

I made a mash-up of all the robots I used in my paper, Are We Creating a New Species with Digital Media? I used the swarm bot, the LegoMakerBot, computer fans, Photocells and… Continue reading