3rd Year New Media Survey

Art Project in Response to Campbell’s Article: Delusions of Dialogue

Our midterm project for the class: Communication with Hybrid Environments is an art piece responding to Jim Campbell’s article, “Delusions of Dialogue: Control and Choice in Interactive Art” (pdf found below). Campbell elaborates… Continue reading

Phylo: using collective intelligence to solve real problems

Students, Karykow and Roumanis, from McGill University, Montreal, have created an interactive game called Phylo that uses problem solving and genetic sequences from a variety of animals to find mutations that might be… Continue reading

Rotary Dial Phone Innards

I took apart a Rotary Dial Phone I found at Active Surplus and plan to use it in my Found Object project for Jessica Field’s class. It’s a ghastly mess of wires of… Continue reading

Art History Trivia Night

WooHoo! I pitched the idea of holding an Art History Trivia Night to help the first years prep for their exam and it has been accepted with enthusiasm. The union is really running… Continue reading

Photosensor in a Compost Bin

In the spirit of living in harmony with nature, I have decided to make an art piece that links human daily activities and vegetation well-being. In the city is it easy to forget… Continue reading

Project: Idea Pitch

I made a Prezi to help successfully communicate my idea to the class.

Project Brainstorming

Throughout my academic career I have completed nearly a hundred tests, many of which were multiple choice tests, some of which were standardized multiple choice tests. The idea of quantifying my knowledge using… Continue reading

Left Brain vs. Right Brain

A myth is circulating about the functional differences between the left and right cerebral hemisphere. Intrigued, I have been wondering which hemisphere I exercise more, my left-logical side or my right-creative hemisphere. In… Continue reading

The Giver of Names, Rockeby (2000)

“The Giver of Names is quite simply, a computer system that gives objects names. The installation includes an empty pedestal, a video camera, a computer system and a small video projection. The camera… Continue reading