Project Brainstorming

Throughout my academic career I have completed nearly a hundred tests, many of which were multiple choice tests, some of which were standardized multiple choice tests. The idea of quantifying my knowledge using… Continue reading

Left Brain vs. Right Brain

A myth is circulating about the functional differences between the left and right cerebral hemisphere. Intrigued, I have been wondering which hemisphere I exercise more, my left-logical side or my right-creative hemisphere. In… Continue reading

The Giver of Names, Rockeby (2000)

“The Giver of Names is quite simply, a computer system that gives objects names. The installation includes an empty pedestal, a video camera, a computer system and a small video projection. The camera… Continue reading

Hole-in-the-Space by Galloway and Rabinowitz (1980)

Imagine walking on an ordinary weekday, taking your usual route to school, when suddenly out of the corner of your eye, behind the glass windows of a display a full-sized screen with images… Continue reading

Brand New Blog, Brand New Start!

I will start by saying, this is not my first blog and it probably will not be my last. I have flip-flopped between different blog sites trying out their different features, experimented with… Continue reading