Makayla Sault Case Review

“I am writing this letter to tell you that this chemo is killing my body and I cannot take it anymore,” Makayla Sault wrote to her doctors at the McMaster Children’s Hospital in… Continue reading

Wheelchair Exercise

On January 27th I participated in the Wheelchair Exercise put on my the SIM coordinators. From the lecture on Friday, it was suppose to sensitize me to the obstacles encountered by paraplegics and… Continue reading

Sitelle Cooking over an Open Fire

Mihály Csiíkszentmihályi, researcher on positive psychology at Claremont Graduate University, describes flow as focused motivation; a single-minded immersion. It represents “the ultimate experience in harnessing the emotions in the service of performing and… Continue reading

What’s Going on in Canada’s North? Documentary & Guest Speaker

Do you want to listen and meet an influential player in Canada’s government speaking on behalf of Aboriginal communities? Do you want to get a send of how mental health issues manifest themselves… Continue reading

Where have I gone?

No, I am not deceased. Since entering medical school I have been a little preoccupied. However, the art continues. I will do my best to upload some of the neat artistic creations I… Continue reading

DMesh – Selfie

I haven’t forgotten about you!

All the Equipment used in my Thesis Project

Trip to Fort Smith, NT Reflections

From my little plane that shook and shuddered, I could see thousands of little lakes that speckled the landscape of the Northwest Territories. Fort Smith receives and sends off one plane a week.… Continue reading

Documentation Video

Video for Drum Treatment including the Anishnawbe story for the Durm.


A young Anishnawbe girl sits alone in the forest. She has sat for 30 days in the darkness, waiting for a sign from the Creator. She prays for a solution to help her… Continue reading