In art, the environment controls the experience. However, none of my favorite pieces fit in the artifical gallery setting. With a background in Biology, my art pieces fit into a natural landscape. Land… Continue reading


Lighting is a key component of the project. It guides the audience’s eye to the piece. I looked into lighting the piece with a spotlight. Without it the piece would use ambient light… Continue reading

Stroke Sensor

Source: How to get what you want Breast stroke, pen stroke, canoe stroke, a tender stroke – all describe an action in very different contexts. The beauty of the stroke sensor is that… Continue reading

Showcase: Constructive Criticism

The Showcase is a critical event that weighs a substantial amount of our final grade and determines if we get into the third year show. There was a significant amount of preparation into… Continue reading

HeartBeat Evolution

A quick view of the different heartbeat images I used over the coarse of my project project

Heartbeat Scenarios

Luckily I have many cardio-familiar friends to ask for advice. To depict the most realistic heartbeat, I chose three images of heart readings: Normal Sinus Rhythm (where the heart is functioning normally –… Continue reading

Setup Evolution and Gimp Weave

In Earlier version of the piece I used a table to hold the drum stick however this ran the risk of loosing the stick. I wanted to secure the stick to the drum… Continue reading

Medicine Wheel

The Medicine Wheel is an important part of Aboriginal healing philosophy. It is a daily guide to living a balanced lifestyle and keeping connected with the Earth. I think its necessary that I… Continue reading

Electrocardiograph Aesthetics Update

The Electrocardiogram is a critical artifact to the piece so finding the right visuals to communicate Western Medicine while blending it with Native American culture is important. I decided to change the colors… Continue reading

Thoughts on my Thesis project