Not meant to be: story of the sensor and drum

My good friend was kind enough to lend me her hand drum to use in my project. I suspect it’s made from moosehide and the sound really improves if I put it in… Continue reading

Thesis Project: Proof of Concept & Feedback

I successfully integrated the sensor (piezo vibration sensor that picked up vibrations from a native American drum) with combined processing sketches (3 portrait photos of states of grief, seen above) and an electrocardiogram… Continue reading

First Interview!

My friend Diana recognized my extensive extracurriculars and asked if I would comment. This was my first interview and it was a little painful reading all the ‘likes’ I say casually. I think… Continue reading

Thesis Concept Progress

I conducted an interview with the manager of Anishnawbe Health in Toronto. I wanted to know about running a culturally sensitive health practice. How to balance spiritual and physical care. As a symbol… Continue reading

Two Row II by Alan Michelson

I first heard about the Two Row Wampum Treaty when I visited the Woodland Cultural Centre in Brantford with the Canadian Roots Program in February 2012. The Treaty was to articulate the relationship… Continue reading

A Tribe Called Red

I really enjoy this band. They have combined electronic, hip hop and traditional drum. I can relate to it as an urban aboriginal. It seems like a natural progression from the Pow Wows… Continue reading


Creating a bridge between westernized and native medicine

This is the first thesis proposal draft. The artifacts (drum and ECG) has since changed.: Poor housing conditions has resulted in 71% of Aboriginal people moving off of the reserve. Many of these… Continue reading

Finds from Queen Street West

I went for a stroll along Queen Street West, starting at Ossington Street. I was looking for ideas. There is a wood, industrial theme going on. I really dig it. Here is what… Continue reading

“Science is the Art of Knowing and Art is the Science of Feeling”

At the atomic level, a rainbow is nothing more than reflected light rays. But photons can not be distinguished by the naked eye. Before Francis Bacon’s rigorous standard for truthfulness, the physical realm… Continue reading